Forget sexy. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is bringing the scrunchie back, and how. During a recent meeting with Peruvian Prime Minister Salomon Lerner, the formidable stateswoman’s hair can be seen tastefully (I said it!) held back with what appears to be an elastic band with fabric loosely scrunched (…scrunched) around it.

We’re all anxious to jump down Hillary’s throat, of course — “didn’t you see that one episode of ‘Sex and the City??'” we want to scream.

But wait! Before we pass premature judgment, let’s look a little more carefully at Clinton’s hairpiece of choice, shall we?

First, note how the scrunchie’s fabric matches that of her power suit. Notice, if you will, the delicate satin embroidered about the edge of the scrunchie that keenly offsets the black on black.

Second, take a moment to observe the entireity of the hairstyle. The crown and sides are gently brushed back, with nary a hair out of place, suggesting that this scrunchie was no accident. Secretary of State Clinton didn’t wake up this morning and be all, “Holy shit, I’m so fucking late for that meeting with Lerner! All I have time for is a scrunchie, I guess.”

In other words, this isn’t some slapped together hairstyle — this is a planned scrunchie, ladies. This is, in fact, a Hair Accessory.  This is the scrunchie all grown up and finding it’s place in the world. This is the scrunchie losing the Presidential election but still going on to become one of the most powerful accessories in international politics.  This is the scrunchie self-actualizing, finding its voice, discovering its confidence…recognizing that it’s worth it.

This is Hillary Clinton is bringing back the scrunchie.

And I’m buying it.