hilary duff chops hair

Another day, another celebrity ditches her flowing locks in favor of a long choppy bob. Today’s culprit is Hilary Duff, and I don’t think it’s my personal bias speaking here when I say she looks incredible. To be clear, my personal bias is that I love Hilary Duff. I have since I was a tween and I always will.

Her hair’s been on the long side for quite some time, and I’d imagine that by the time summer rolled around, she just didn’t feel like dealing anymore (see: my coworker Heather’s point that the grown out bob we’re seeing everywhere is code for giving up). I’m with her–when it gets to be this hot, the last thing I want is a curtain of my own hair clinging to my body while I sweat like a disgusting animal. In fact, I’d be pretty surprised if Duff’s chopping is the last drastic cut we see before the end of June.

Duff posted an after shot and it looks pretty great–it’s a choppier, messier look than I’m used to seeing on her. I like this edgy version of Lizzie McGuire–she’d run circles around popular girl Kate (wait a second. Now you tell me in what universe Lizzie McGuire is the dweeb and Kate is the popular girl. Kate basically dressed like a member of the Daughters of the American Revolution, and yet Ethan was all over her. What kind of world is that? I digress). Incidentally, the picture is a nice reminder of McGuire’s excellent eyebrow game, and the dark brows and light hair is giving me some major Khaleesi vibes. I love it.

Photos: Instagram