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Well, my friends, I have good news to report: Hilary Duff just made the second best decision of her life. Of course, the best decision she ever made was refusing Aaron Carter‘s most recent advances, which I’m sure was no easy feat–a declaration of love on Twitter, I mean, I’d be swooning–but you know, Hil stayed strong and I think it’s safe to say that she made the right choice. But back to Hilary’s second best decision ever, because I have a feeling you guys are going to love it. Last night, Hilary posted a photo on Instagram of her freshly dyed hair, and the color is so much better than the turquoise she’s been sporting since March.

Here’s the picture that launched 1,000 new colorist appointments:

hilary duff purple gray

(Photo: Hilary Duff/Instagram)

Um, hello there, hair color of my wildest dreams! Love the gray and purple ombre situation happening here. It’s just so soft and pretty, and I think this color is much more flattering than the blue she used to have. This shade is just really working for her.

Hilary captioned the photo, “#nofilter #sparks @adambreuchaud @etienneortega@hannahluxdavis
@brettalannelson @amylilfire,” which leads me to believe that the only things standing in my way between looking the way I do now and looking the way she does are a couple of hair and makeup artists, a creative director, and a photographer. Easy!

So, what do you think of Hilary’s new look? Do you agree that it’s a better choice than the turquoise, or do you think I’m a nutbar who should have her license to blog revoked? More importantly, what would Lizzie McGuire think? Let me know in the comments!

(Featured image: Hilary Duff/Instagram)