Hillary Clinton: LOLing at hella fools since 1947.

Naturally, Fox News is the worst. And being the worst means you always have to come up with new ways to be the worst, thereby upping your worstness so nobody will surpass you on that forefront of assholishness. Anchor Steve Doocy did this magnificently this morning by combining gossip, idiotic speculations, sexism and ageism all in one quick couple of sentences about Hillary Clinton. Bravo, Monsieur Doo!

While going through the morning headlines, Doocy mentioned Clinton’s new website on which she looks totally fucking awesome, because that’s just what she does. Also, because nobody posts bad pictures of themselves on their websites unless they are standup comedians, and even those guys get dolled up once in a while. However, instead of discussing any actual news, Doocy’s segment went:

“Is this the face of presidential ambition? Days after retiring as Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, somebody has launched a new website for her showing off this glamorous new face. Facelift, perhaps? Well, that’s fueling rumors for a run for president in 2016…but her aides say it’s simply a way for fans and the media to reach her.”

Uh, “new face”? It looks just like her “old” one, only she’s clearly having her photo taken in a professional studio with real lighting and an amazing photographer; she’s not slumped in her chair during a congressional hearing, trying to discuss violence and death. If I pushed my face into my hands and thought about something absolutely terrible, I would likely look completely different than in a professionally shot portrait, too.

The fact that her looks are being discussed is ridiculous (plus, of-fucking-course she looked rough at the Benghazi hearings; she was talking about dead people), but it’s just so, so much worse that he pondered whether or not she had had plastic surgery. That sort of questioning simply does not happen regarding men nearly ever, whereas women in politics are perpetually being insulted or joked about for their appearances. Plus, even if she did plastic surgery, it would likely be because America is obsessed with women staying young-looking as long as possible, but that’s an entirely other matter and her choice is none of anybody’s goddamn business.

Hillary Clinton is absolutely wonderful in so many ways; she is an intelligent, well-spoken, incredibly powerful woman who deserves more respect than a story that sounds like it belongs in National Inquirer.

Photo: Carrie Devorah / WENN.com