If Hugh Jackman, Russell Crowe and Ryan Kwanten (below, that’s “Jason Stackhouse” for the True Blood fans out there) are any indicator, only good things come from the land Down Under.

293.kwantan.ryan.061109Australia’s latest-to-be-loved import is Hissyfit, a line of beauty goodies that aim to protect, renew and perfect.  I can’t guarantee that caliber of results (“perfect” is a pretty bold statement…), but I will admit to a minor infatuation with lip service, an SPF 50 lip balm available in five hues, including clear.

This thick, glossy balm is instantly soothing to chapped or dry lips thanks to the inclusion of shea butter, jojoba and vitamin e –  and it lasts for hours.

Packaged in a slim, sanitary tube, you’ll want one of these for every pocket. Consider it the woman’s alternative to Chapstick (though what I am I saying, I love Chapstick too!)

These balms are a bit pricey at $20/each but if you love lippies like I love lippies, they may be worth the splurge.

To shop, visit www.hissyfit.com.

Image via eonline.com.