H&MM MaskWhether you are a fashion girl, a beauty girl, or both, H&M has been treating you very lately. They gave us the amazing Balmain designer collaboration complete with a Backstreet Boys performance at the launch. In the fall, the store launched its massive beauty line that boasted a whopping 700 products. Let’s also not forget about the fact that H&M always give us trendy products at prices that are kind to our wallet. If you thought that H&M didn’t have anything major up their sleeves, think again, because H&M is going to be expanding its Conscious Collection with a beauty line. Yes, more beauty products are on their way.

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The H&M Conscious Collection clothing line is all about sustainable fashion that is still trendy and affordable. The Conscious Collection beauty range follows in the same direction. H&M is giving us sustainable makeup that is kind on the environment, our faces and our bank accounts. H&M Shampoo

The Conscious Collection beauty range will feature just under 30 products. The line includes skin, body and hair products. Think face masks, shampoo, body creams, oils, hand creams, and an aluminum-free deodorant. The products in the range are made from organic certified ingredients and they are sustainably produced. Furthermore, they are free of GMOs, parabens, silicon and synthetic perfumes, according to Allure. The products get their fragrances from essential oils.

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It isn’t just the products that are kinder on the environment. The packaging is also recyclable. The Conscious Collection beauty range is made out of recycled plastics and paper that you can pop into the blue bin when you’re done. However, you might want to hang on to some of them because they are very chic. The packaging is similar to their sister brand & Other Stories‘ beauty line with the white and black labels.H&M Oil

If you have ever looked at organic, natural beauty products you know that the prices can get up there. So it is easy to assume that H&M’s new line is not going to come cheap. However, remember this is H&M, and H&M is as much about affordability as it is trends. The products in the Conscious Collection range will cost between $7 and $13. Yup, you can buy something and get a good chunk of change back from a twenty.

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If you cannot wait to try the range, you do not have to wait long. The H&M Conscious Collection beauty range will begin to hit stores next week. There is no waiting months like there was for the original beauty range. The products will keep on coming out until March so make sure you keep checking the new launches during your weekly pilgrimage to H&M.

The H&M Conscious Collection beauty range will begin hitting stores next week, and they will continue coming in until March!

(Photos: H&M)