A lot of holiday nail art is focused on red and green, but one signature part of the holidays is snow. Sledding, watching the snow coming down and making snowmen are as much a part of the festive season as baking cookies and opening presents. It might not technically be winter yet, but a snowflake nail art design is the perfect way to make nail art feel fresh in December. Try one out now and save your reindeer nail art for later.

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Have a look at 13 snowflake nail art ideas to celebrate winter:

1. Pale Pink Snowflake Nails


This color combo is girly and festive.


2. Black Snowflake Nails

This brings to mind snow falling at night.


3. Snowflake French Manicure


Here’s a way to update your French tips…


4. Multicolored Snowflake Nails

Check out these different snowflake designs.


5. Frosted Pink Snowflake Nails

Whether you freehand your snowflakes or you use a stamp, try them with a pretty pink background.


6. Blue Snowflake Nails


Use two different blue nail polishes for an icy effect.


7. Mauve Snowflake Nails With Silver Accent


The sparkling accent nail ups the Winter Wonderland vibe.


8. Ivory Snowflake Nails


The pretty snowflake design plays up the soft ivory nail polish.


9. Oversized Blue Snowflakes


Imagine if snowflakes looked like this when they came down from the sky?


10. Red Snowflake Nails


The white and red combo is pure holidays.


11. Purple, White and Blue Snowflake Nails

The color combination and the metallic polishes scream winter.


12. Blue Snowflake Nails


Go on, add some present bows into your festive design.


13. Turquoise Blue Snowflake Nails

Hands up if you’re getting Queen Elsa vibes from this nail art?