If you cannot get enough of holographic makeup products and you cannot resist a holographic manicure, you’re going to love the latest hair color trend. That’s right, people, holographic hair is here.

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The look combines the best parts of metallic dye jobs, pastel locks and the opal hair dye trend to create something magical. The look also takes advantage of the trendy hand-pressed hair color technique. Instead of applying the color and using foils or plastic wrap on your hair, it has the color being applied onto sheets of Plexiglas then transferred onto your hair.

Redken colorist Chiala Marvici explained in an interview with Modern Salon, that it is this hand-pressed coloring technique which is the key to mastering the holographic hair color trend thanks to the fact that it offers great control and allows the hair colorist to easily apply a myriad of different shades to you tresses.

If you’re ready to book an appointment with your hair colorist, note that there are a few caveats. As with a lot of the cool hair color trends, you’re going to need to have very light hair to be able to get the look. That means that if you’re not already a blonde, you’re going to have to be prepared to bleach your head.

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And the other consideration is that only a few hairstylists have been taught how to do the hand-pressed hair coloring technique. That means that you’re probably going to have to book an appointment with Chiala or someone else on her team.

Given the way that holographic makeup and nails have taken off, it is probably only a matter of time until all salons will be familiar with the hand-pressed hair coloring technique so we can all get holographic dye jobs.