As if the gory details of what breast implants and Pilates actually entail weren’t horrible enough already, here’s a story that will scare you off both forever.

A 59-year-old breast cancer survivor was just minding her business, doing the devil’s core strengthening exercises, when one of her breast implants spontaneously migrated through her ribcage and into the space between her lungs. Just typing these words is making my chest hurt.

According to MSNBC, she was doing something called a “Valsalva maneuver,” a breathing technique that involves trying to exhale forcefully without actually expelling any air, when one of her breast implants (which were placed between her ribs and her pectoral muscles) broke through the tissue between her ribs.

Amazingly enough, the patient arrived at Johns Hopkins not experiencing any pain or shortness of breath, although I can imagine the sensation of having an implant swallowed up by your body cavity is an icky one at best. Doctors were able to put the implant back into place and repair the weakened between-the-ribs tissue with mesh.

Doctors are calling this a “freak occurrence” and attributing it to the fact that her tissue had been weakened by a recent heart surgery. Still, this just adds to my pile of evidence that Pilates is a strange and sinister exercise not to be trusted. I don’t have breast implants myself, but I think I’m going to play it safe and steer clear of it anyway.

(Via Runnin’ Scared)