heal chapped lips

What I like about my lips during the holiday season is that the little bits of blood on my lips mean that I don’t have to wear lipstick! What I don’t like is how people are always asking me if I am a vampire.

The vampire question really outweighs the cost-saving benefit of not wearing red lipstick. And it doesn’t help that my lips are always sore. But I’ve heard that chapstick can lead to your lips drying out (because you lick them more frequently when you’re not wearing chapstick) and, also, lead to a ruined life. Despite the fact that I’m curious to see exactly how this would come about – like, really, really curious – I’ve decided to instead turn to TheGloss readership for help. What do you do to keep your lips all soft and nice looking through the winter months? Do you use Vaseline? Is that a thing people are still doing? Do you use any home remedies? I mostly just smear on whatever lipstick is lying around. Please offer advice on how to heal my chapped lips, I am a monster.