Homeless family makeover

Reggie, Don, and their adorable 4-year-old girl accurately named Heavenly received an amazing surprise the other day. After losing both their jobs and having their house sold from under them by their family members, they wound up staying in a Utah homeless shelter while searching for new places to work.

Enter: Kyle Oreffice and Josh Gibson, a pair of nice guys who delivered the family a holiday present for all three of them: a day of excellent relaxation, education and pampering. This short by Give Back Films features Reggie, Don and Heavenly getting their hair cut–something the father notes he hadn’t had properly done since seventh grade. While her parents having their hair snipped, Heavenly describes what she wants for Christmas. She melts your heart with her answers, as 4-year-olds tend to do. Somebody get this girl a pony, please.

Check it out the full story:

As you can see, they’re not only given appearance boosts, the parents are also shown how to hold themselves body language-wise so they can nail their next interviews, as well as perfect outfits to make excellent impressions on employers. Oh, except instead of just making this some “To Be Continued…” thing, the pair then go to an interview, nail it, get jobs and return to a hotel room bought by the filmmakers full of toys for Heavenly where they’ll stay for the next couple weeks while they get on their feet. Seriously, if you don’t start sobbing over this, don’t worry about it because I’ve already done enough crying for like 10 people.

(Also, for anybody upset about the sudden advertisement at the end, don’t blame the makers. Change takes money, most of the time, and this kind of gift wasn’t going to be free, so having a sponsor was likely their only way to give it all to this family.)

A couple weeks ago, Hayley wrote about an incredible video showing a homeless man receiving a makeover. You can see the physical transformation easily, but the emotional one happens before your very eyes, as well. That effect is exemplified in this video, as well.

While being homeless is stressful, exhausting and extremely difficult all year round, the holidays are an especially frustrating time. Freezing weather, overcrowded shelters, children seeing other kids at their schools receiving presents that they likely will never have. (This isn’t speculation, by the way; I was told this by a kid at the homeless shelter I used to volunteer at.) And while there will always be some people who claim anybody who’s ever been homeless has simply made poor choices, the issue is infinitely more complex than that; blaming people will never go nearly as far as offering them a helping hand which, in the short and long run, doesn’t do any damage to yourself.

So, this holiday season, take the lead from these guys. Do some helping. (We’ll be posting about what we at The Gloss are doing with our editorial team to help, too!) If you need to be steered in the right direction, check out Volunteer Match!

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