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If you have three minutes to spare and a good place to quietly sob all over yourself, watch this timelapse video of a homeless veteran’s haircut. He’s getting back on his feet and he’s getting help and he kind of looks like Bryan Cranston and it’ll tear your heart to shreds.

The video features Jim Wolf, a formerly homeless US Army vet, undergoing a physical transformation to coincide with his new lease on life. With the help of a professional salon, one super cool-sounding nonprofit organization gave Wolf a full makeover: brow grooming, cut and color, concealer, new suit. Just warning, though: it’s scientifically impossible to maintain your dignity at the end. I’ve now watched Wolf recognizes himself in the mirror after the transformation six times, and I haven’t stopped welling up.

[youtube_iframe id=”6a6VVncgHcY”]

The people behind the video, Dégagé Ministries, seem to rock. The nonprofit provides aid and shelter to people dealing with poverty, abuse, addiction, and unemployment. They have a hygiene facility, an open-door shelter for women, and a public food pantry. According to the Dégagé website, they believe that “there is a significant difference in a person’s likelihood of success if they have someone to walk alongside them during a crisis or through a transition.” Totally badass.

Also, they’re pretty skilled in the art of the viral video. It took less than three minutes for me to fall in love with Wolf, and now I can’t stop thinking about how much I want to make him a grilled cheese sandwich. Thanks for the inspring work, Dégagé. All the luck in the world to Jim Wolf.

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