If we’re not obsessing over new product launches, we’re probably getting excited about product teasers. The latest teaser to pique our interest comes courtesy of Hourglass Cosmetics.

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The beauty brand took to Instagram to announce “something new is coming.” The preview photo is extremely dark, but it shows enough to reveal a triangle-shaped object with rounded corners. Some people are thinking that it’s a makeup blender, sponge or some sort of beauty tool to make life easier. Given the triangular shape, some think it might even be an eyeliner guide to help you achieve the perfect flick.

Others are guessing that it’s a makeup product and the triangular design might just be a cool twist on the traditional rectangular palette. Instagram users are also guessing it could be a highlighter or eyeshadow palette.

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Hourglass is keeping mum about any further details at the moment, but they did reveal that if you want to be part of the new launch, tag three friends for the chance to try it first. You heard the orders.