Because, yes, that is apparently something Jesus wants you to do, now. If you live in Texas! An instructor at the Pole Fitness for Jesus class notes:

“We do the upbeat contemporary Christian music because people have to bring their church program to get into the class, so we basically are just continuing the whole worship thing here. Just to get past the whole stigma of the whole thing, I’m very Christian. I go to church every Sunday and I pray. I talk to God things like that I think there’s nothing wrong with what I do. I teach women to feel good about themselves, to feel empowered and we get in really good shape. God is the only person that judges so anybody who wants to judge me, feel free to but I’m good with God, so that’s what’s important to me and I really don’t care what people think.””

Well, that is nice. So I guess pole dancing for Jesus fitness is finally clearing up that whole Salome thing. No, really, I’m not all that religious but I kind of like this, think it’s fun, sort of weird. Would you try it?