Summer can be a really hard time on one’s skin. Between the dryness or the humidity, the salt, the sun, and the heat, it’s easy to find oneself running around looking red like a cherry. Personally, I tend to get it really badly around the nose and chin. When that happens, try out these beauty hacks to get you back to normal.

1. DIY Honey Cinnamon Face Mask

44816286d3a524c7cc922b2c2eb256e9This honey, cinnamon, and nutmeg face mask is easy to put together with stuff you probably have in your kitchen already. It helps kill bacteria that causes redness and is a light exfoliant.

2. Eucerin Redness Relief Daily Perfecting Lotion

d9f19d07c8a5cea812bb919023e885b6This stuff has sunblock, moisturizer, and even has a subtle green tint to help neutralize redness from rosacea or just a nasty sunburn.

3. Green Concealer

bbcf3e044449215a8669019b5c784abfI know it seems crazy, but green concealer can help neutralize redness from pimples, scars, or just red splotches. Use it underneath regular concealer.

4. Make Up For Ever Microperfecting Primer

fe6eff3988fdc50079436cd167619bc3Primer sets up your skin for foundation and color cosmetics. Picking a primer with a bit of color can help even out your skin tone. Try the green to even out redness.

5. Peppermint Mask

efc19ccac23fbf193c1706c6b41a6e68Peppermint can help reduce redness and inflammation. This tip would have you mix leaves in a food processor with a bit of lemon juice to use as an anti-redness treatment that will also make you smell awesome.

6. Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage

edd39e997718e9220b01cf40b0b90392This stuff is the best concealer for redness around the nose. It has two colors that you blend together to match your skin tone. Take a tiny bit with a little brush and apply it in feathery strokes around your nostrils and pat to blend. This also works excellently on pimples.

7. Get Yourself a Humidifier

ee9ddfbeb348e2a6357dd6ecc69e953fSensitive skin tends to need moisture. Get yourself a humidifier to try to keep your skin’s environment nice.

8. Clean Your Makeup Brushes

how-to-clean-makeup-brushes-afterMakeup brushes can get full of gross bacteria that can make your skin’s inflammation worse. Clean them well and often.

9. Cooling Cucumber Mask

00b45bfc2f9a3f63334efdd41106b673Ooh, doesn’t this sound just lovely? I kind of want to drink it. This cucumber, aloe, and coconut oil mask is perfect for summer.

10. Green Tea Mask

b566cf0a29c04172c9f6ce1c279448c4Green tea is great for your skin, and is reported to be highly effective against facial redness. Try this to help remove redness and puffiness.

(Photos: Pinterest)