All things about lipstick are pretty fascinating. Most of our attention is focused on innovative new shades and formulas, but that is just the start of things. We cannot forget about gorgeous lippy packaging, the lipstick trends from different eras, or the history of the product itself. Watching someone apply lipstick is also weirdly fascinating. It’s even more interesting if the person is applying their makeup on the train. Something else that is very mesmerizing is watching lipstick being made.

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We are very familiar with finished lip products, but do you know how they go from a bunch of ingredients into a glossy bullet cased in sleek packaging? Unless you are lucky enough to work in a place that produces lipsticks, you probably don’t. Luckily for us, The Zoe Report took a trip to the Bite Beauty factory in Toronto to find out more. They uploaded a video of the process so we can figure out the entire thing.

The one-minute long video takes us from the mixing of a vegetable base and pigment all the way to the finished product that is ready to be sold. Pretty much every step of the video is mesmerizing from the tubes of melted lipsticks to the final step when the lipsticks are removed from their molds.

Most of us could easily spend an entire day watching different beauty tutorials, but who would have thought that the process of making lipstick could be just as fascinating? Watching the video is as satisfying as getting a new lip color. Almost.