If you have ever stopped to add up all those receipts for cosmetics and beauty products, the final amount may have surprised you. In fact, the average amount of money women spend on makeup has surprised a the nonprofit YWCA too. In a recent report, they found an increasing ‘obsession’ with being beautiful, no matter what the cost.

The report, Beauty at any Cost, noted U.S. women spent some $7 billion a year, or an average of about $100 each, on cosmetics and beauty products.

That $100 a month, if saved and invested for five years, would pay for a full year of tuition and fees at a public college, the report calculated.

“We believe that the obsession with idealized beauty and body image is a lifelong burden that takes a terrible toll on all young girls and women in this country,” said YWCA USA Chief Executive, Dr. Lorraine Cole.

Image: Newscom

Image: Newscom

I don’t know if it’s just because I happen to be the type of person who writes about cosmetics and skin care products that makes $100/month not seem too terribly excessive…but then again, I suppose for a national average that is a bit much.

That is, until you keep reading and see that they are including extremely expensive cosmetic procedures in this calculation. While I am sure that there are plenty of young girls spending their allowance and after school money on makeup and beauty products, I don’t know if this is necessarily the national state of beauty obsession emergency the YWCA is trying to promote.

What do you think? How much do you spend on cosmetics?