The way we live now: covered in our own filth.

At least according to the New York Times. Apparently, showering on the decline! One woman remarks:

Alice Feiring, a wine writer in Manhattan, joked that autumn is her “season of nonbathing” (she actually bathes four times weekly). “ ‘Didn’t I bring you up differently?’ ” she said her mother asks. “ ‘What will people think?’ ”

But Ms. Feiring, 52, is resolute. “I don’t like to over-dry my skin,” she said. “It’s a myth that people need a deep cleaning everyday.”

Which seems fine. Parenting Magazine says that the air is drier in winter, so you need not shower every day. But what about the guy who only shampoos his hair once a month? Or the guy who claims he lets hair hair get oily so her can “style it however he wants?” Dude, if your hair is so oily you can make it stand up, that’s not really a good thing. OR IS IT?

Obviously, we have some dear friends who don’t like to shower either. Though we’re a fan of the every day shower. Or every other day. Sometime before we start getting to style our hair however we want. What about you?