By Guest Blogger Sidory Dan-Perry

There are all types of false lashes on the market today for us lash conscious consumers. You can get them in bulk at some places, or pick up a disposable pair in your neighborhood drugstore. The uses of false lashes have come a long way since the 60s. They are no longer limited to fashion models, make-up artists and actors in Hollywood.

Image: istockphoto

Image: istockphoto

Women of today are now considering wearing lashes more often. The number one thing I hear a lot from people is “I really would love to wear false lashes, I just have no clue how.”

Here are some simple steps to get you started!

1. Decide the look you want. False lashes come in a large assortment of styles, sizes, colors and types.

2. When choosing the right style for you, remember your objective. How do you want your lashes to look? (Thicker? Fuller? Winged?)

3. Choose the right color; the false lash should be the same shade as your own natural lashes.

4. Before applying the lashes, decide if you need to cut the outer ends to fit the entire length of your lids perfectly.

5. Make sure your eyes are clean of make-up product before applying. Curl your lashes if possible first.

6. Use the end of a Q-tip to apply eyelash glue to the lash strip. I suggest Duo Surgical Adhesive; it needs time to get tacky enough to adhere to your lash line, but is more reliable than your standard lash glue.

– To remove lashes from tray, use your thumb and push down on fullest part of lash from left to right. (This avoids ripping or bending the lashes)
– Give the glue at least two minutes to get tacky.

7. The best way to begin application is to make sure you have a mirror to see into that does not require you to hold it up.

8. Lift your chin up and do not close your eyes. Use tweezers, if you are comfortable with it. You can also use your fingers, just make sure you hold the lashes between your fingers at the top and bottom of each

9. Place the longest part down first as close as possible to your lash line. Press it down for a few seconds, then work the middle until you reach the end of the smallest part of the lashes. You can use a clean Q-tip end to secure the lash down and allow the glue to adhere to your lash line.

10. Apply a small amount of mascara underneath the lashes and use eyeliner to hide your lash strip.

11. To remove them, just hold the longest end and pull them off towards the bridge of your nose.

sidorySidory is a freelance make-up artist based out of Washington D.C. She is also a contributing beauty writer and blogger for several online fashion publications and web sites. If you think she doesn’t do enough already, she’s also the Editor in Chief of her own beauty blogzine, Somewhere in between all this, she is a mother of two girls, wife, and abstract artist. Her friends call her a workaholic; she calls herself a rock star.