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Today in news that’s going to make you feel super uncomfortable, doctors have begun testing a new laser treatment that permanently turns brown eyes blue.

The treatment is the brainchild of Laguna Beach-based scientist Gregg Homer, who came up with the idea nearly 20 years ago after his dermatologist used a laser to treat patches of discoloration on his skin. Homer then found research to suggest that underneath every brown eye is a base layer of blue pigmentation, which led the scientist to theorize that the brown layer could be removed via laser to reveal a blue eye beneath.

Homer gathered a group of doctors to work on the treatment, and the group ultimately became the research and development company Strōma Medical Corporation. Strōma is currently conducting human trials of the laser treatment in Costa Rica, where 37 people have undergone the procedure. So far none of the people tested have suffered any adverse effects, but Homer says it’s too early to tell whether they will face health issues like glaucoma in the long term.

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Fortunately, according to Discovery News, “the surgery removes pigment on the front of the iris, not the back, which is where fragments of pigment can become trapped and lead to a blockage that can cause glaucoma, and because the laser breaks the pigments into extremely fine particles, the risk for glaucoma is low.”

OK, so, the fact that those 37 people in Costa Rica have little chance of developing glaucoma as a result of their participation in this trial is great news, but I can’t be the only one who’s thinking, yeah, there will be no lasers going anywhere near my eyes for cosmetic reasons, thanks.

I know that using lasers to correct vision problems is a pretty commonplace thing in this day and age, but damn, this just seems like such an incredibly risky thing to do in the name of changing your eye color.

Speaking of which, what in the hell is wrong with having brown eyes anyway? Take a leaf out of Kim Kardashian‘s book and throw on a pair of colored contacts if you want to switch up your look, or try 1-Day Acuvue Define contacts like our editor Sam did, but don’t jump ship entirely! I hate to sound like a Dove commercial, but all eye colors are beautiful. Brown eyes are beautiful. This isn’t Sweet Valley–you don’t need to be white, blonde, and blue-eyed to be considered attractive. That bullshit, white-washed beauty ideal needs to go the way of the acid-washed jean: extinct.

But maybe I’m over-thinking this. Maybe people are just like, hey, I love the color blue and I want my irises to say as much. Everyone should, of course, have the right to do what they like with their own bodies, and that includes making the decision to change their eye color. I mean, do whatever makes you happy.

So, what do you think of this new laser treatment? Would you ever consider changing your eye color permanently, or do you think the procedure sounds like something out of a horror movie? Let me know your thoughts in the comments.

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