Curly HairYou may always use your heat styling tools to create gorgeous curls but that isn’t the only way. Using a curling iron (or a straightener) isn’t the only option for getting gorgeous curls. There are other methods that don’t require any heat. You don’t have to worry about scorching your ends, cords that always get tangled and burning your neck for the zillionth time.

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Here are 9 ways to curl your hair without using heat:

1. Curl Your Hair With A HeadbandNo Heat Curls Headband

Your headband isn’t just for getting your bangs off your sweaty forehead. If you have long hair, you can tuck your hair around the headband to give you beautiful curls that a Duggar sister would approve of.

2. Curl Your Hair With BraidsNo Heat Curls Braid

You’ve probably discovered this one. Braid damp hair–pigtails or a single braid work well, but if you want fuller, smaller curls, go for more braids. Let your hair air dry, then remove the braids.

3. Curl Your Hair By Using Your FingersNo Heat Curls Finger Twists

Leave that curling iron alone. You already have the tool you need to create gorgeous curls, two fingers. Spray a section of your hair with gel, then wrap it around your fingers. Secure the twist with a pin. When you’ve done your entire head, cover your hair with a good dose of hairspray. Take the clips out, and you’re left with tousled waves.

4.  Curl Your Hair With A BunNo Heat Curls Sock BUn

There are other things you can do with that sock bun ring besides the obvious bun. (If you have a bun ring it works as well as a DIY one.) Twist that bun ring into your hair and cover it with hairspray. When you take it out, you have voluminous curls.

5. Curl Your Hair With Velcro RollersNo Heat Curls Velcro Rollers

There are a variety of different types of rollers. Velcro rollers are a classic. Put them in dry hair to add volume and curl. You can use a bit of heat by blasting them with a blow dryer, but you don’t need to. Just spritz your hair with a liberal amount of hairspray before and after you put in the rollers.

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6. Curl Your Hair With Twists No Heat Curls Twists

You don’t have to get up extra early if you want to to wear your hair in curls. Twist it up before bed, and in the morning you’ll wake up to beachy waves. Try to choose hair clips that won’t make sleeping very painful.

7. Curl Your Hair With Rag Curlers

No Heat Curls Paper Towel Curls

This vintage hack is an oldie but a goodie. You can use paper towels, an old t-shirt cut into strips or even shoe laces. Use your piece of fabric as if it were an iron and wrap it around your hair. Finish by tying it place. Go to bed. In the morning, take the rag curlers out.

8. Curl Your Hair With Bantu KnotsNo Heat Curls Bantu Knots

You can twist your hair into as many bantu knots as you like, depending on the size of curls you want and how much sleep you want to get. You can leave them in for a few days then take them out to reveal corkscrew spirals.

9. Curl Your Hair With Spiral Curlers Flexi Rods

No Heat Curls Flexi Rods

You might have some old Velcro rollers kicking around but you probably don’t have a set of these rod curlers. They’re worth investing if you love curls but your hair can’t stand the heat. Bend them and twist your hair around them to create a variety of curly hairstyles.

(Photo:  puhhha/Shutterstock)