Do your nails cry out for a Frankenstein face? Not if you haven’t even painted little mouths on them yet, they don’t.

In honor of Halloween, here’s how to make your nails look terrifying, and lonely, and green, just like Frankenstein’s monster (via Trendhunter).

Step 1: Buy some green nail polish. Paint your nails green. This is an example of what green painted nails look like, although you are free to be sloppier. Monsters like to go outside the nailbed!

Step 2: Now do this weird kind of up and down thing. You’ll need black nail polish for it.

Step 3: Now add dead, listless eyes and little black mouths.

Step 4: Now fill them in with dots, and lines! YOUR NAILS ARE READY TO KILL A CHILD NOW JUST LIKE THE MONSTER DID. Also, they look adorable.