You love Jessica Rabbit? We love Jessica Rabbit! And so, apparently, does Amy Adams. Hairstylist Laini Reeves gave us some tips on how you can steal her glamorous, old Hollywood look:

Begin this red carpet look with clean, conditioned, wet hair.  Then take  three pea sized drops of Couture Colour Pequi Oil Treatment in your hands rubbing the oil between your fingers to activate the ingredients and then apply the Pequi Oil from roots to ends. The Pequi Oil instantly absorbs in the hair, leaving it appear smooth and shiny without altering the vibrancy of the color. Then part the hair to the side, and wet-set every piece of hair into 1½ inch curlers.  Wait until the hair is fully dry (about an hour) and removed the curlers. Then brush through the hair with a soft bristle brush and add a touch more Pequi Oil for shine and finish with hairspray for hold.