I’m honestly happy that Britney Spears seems to have gotten her shit together, but I will never stop feeling that rats may be nesting among those godawful filthy pelts attached to her head. Yes, it would be great to have longer, thicker, lustrous hair. It would not be great to go around looking as though you’d been chopping their hair off homeless people and frantically gluing it to your own scalp. If only she’d gone to Marco Maranghello, Senior Stylist at the John Barrett Salon. It might not have changed all that much for her emotionally, but at least her hair would have looked pretty. Fortunately, Marco is offering tips to insure that the same thing never happens to you.

What is Britney Spears doing wrong? Because it almost looks as though her hair is completely fried, which wasn’t the look she was going for, right?

Britney Spiers has been doing the wrong things for the last couple of years. First of all she started getting extensions when her hair was about an inch long. You need  to put the extensions in when the hair has at least two inches of growth. And extensions should, at most, be double the length of the hair. If you have 2 inches of hair, the longest glue-in extensions you should have is 4 inches. A lady who has two inches of hair cannot get very long hair overnight – it’ going to look bad.

Are some hair extensions attached differently than others? Periodically, I’ve found myself behind girls absentmindedly picking at the glue that holds their hair extensions on, and it’s gross. Is there a better way to get them attached?

Glue extensions are old fashioned. Now there’s a new brand of extension that is attached with keratin, not glue. They’re attached with a gun called an ultrasonic gun, it’s almost like a laser. It takes from 3 to 8 hours to attach them depending upon the amount of work. You cannot see where they have been attached. They’re the ones we’re doing now. They are good for people who came out of chemotherapy or have alopecia, but many regular ladies still do glue.

So just always avoid glue in extensions?

I would absolutely recommend fusion extensions over glue. Ladies hair comes out with the glue. Keratin is better. Basically the keratin conditions the hair. I don’t think Britney knows about this. If she knew, her extensions wouldn’t be detectable to our eyes.

Glue-in extensions are just like Japanese Straightener treatments. Ladies love it the first time. Then they start seeing breakage and suddenly it’s a love/hate relationship. They keep coming back for more extensions, but it not good for the hair. I do clip-on extensions to those ladies. Until their hair gets better, I always recommend clip-on extensions. I don’t even want to tell them about other kind of extensions, I know it won’t work.

Are clip-on hair extensions a good idea in general?

Oh, yes. You can do them with everyone. They work with all different ladies. If you have a lot of breakage, they can change your look, and they can also give your hair some time to grow if it is damaged. I have my own line.

How far away from your natural color can you go and still have extensions look okay? If I want to go from being a dark brunette to being platinum blonde, how would I go about it?

I think the best way if you’re a brunette and wanted to go blonde is to start going by steps. If you wanted to do it overnight, it would be a very drastic change. Not just for the hair, but for the people around you. It will be bad for your hair, I don’t recommend it. I would recommend you go to a lighter brown, and then maybe a light blonde, and then we’d go to platinum blonde. You will give the hair more time to recuperate. And when you go to platinum blonde, that’s when you’d go to extensions. You can not do dramatic changes when the extensions are on. The natural color of the extensions and the keratin, it’s not prepared for it. Or if they have the old fashioned glue, then it’s just too many chemicals, and it can make your hair break off. You would have to prepare your hair for it before finishing with the extensions.

Why can you sometimes see precisely where the hair extenions were attached? I’m including a picture of really horrible extensions.

That’s because whoever did the extensions did the colors badly. When you do extensions on highlighted hair, you have to remember that hair has four different colors. So a technician that applies your extensions should be a stylist and a colorist.  These are things ladies must be aware of.

How do you style the extensions once they’re in? Can you use the same products you use on your real hair?

Absolutely. Although there will be certain products that your technician should give you, like conditioner products to put on the keratin extensions before you style. Give it a couple minutes to sink in, then style.
How often should you go in for repairs?

Extensions should be done once every three months. That’s just in general. It can vary depending upon how many you have and your own hair. Once every season is about right, though.