As Ashley points out, New York Fashion Week has begun. And my skirt is stuck to my stockings! This is a problem that sometimes happens to very glamorous people like us.

Instead of just staring at your skirt, which is clinging to your body parts as though they were the last mule out of Thunderdome (taxis, Lincoln Center, that joke is kind of complicated, you should watch Mad Max) use hairspray. Hairspray! We didn’t know that until this morning. You can spray your clothes down with it a few minutes before putting them on, and they’ll fall perfectly. Just to make sure to spritz the hairspray from a distance, so there won’t be any traces of it.

Alternatively, if you’re going bare legged in February because you love fashion and pain, you should just apply more lotion to your skin. We like AVEENO® Daily Moisturizing Lotion ($5.99 at drugstores nationwide) mostly because they’ve sent us a lot and it’s always lying around on our desks. Oh, and because it is the best.

So. There. Now you are glamorous, because the definition of “glamour” is “your skirt moves.”