ivana trump teased hair

Does teasing your hair make you feel like you are Ivana Trump circa 1985? It does for me. That’s why I do it all the time. Just sitting around my apartment, teasing my hair, wearing all the jewels, calling Donald Trump to yell obscenities. It’s so fucking great.

Ivana probably didn’t actually do that. They seem to have really well brought up children.

But enough with that weird trip down 1980’s memory lane. Let’s talk about how you can make your hair pretty if you don’t like teasing it!

You can use Haze.

It’s a styling product. By Evo. (We found it when we visited Salon Ruggeri, which is a really cool, beautifully decorated place). It costs $30. It’s a powder. You put it in your hair. Your hair has bounce from the roots! It looks great! Your hair looks so full of life now! Hurrah! Dance like no one is watching!

Well, that was easy. Take a moment to enjoy that picture of Ivana Trump. Your hair will be like that, but also, entirely different.