This week, we’re trying a different hairstyle each day, and walking through it step by step. Are you excited? We are so excited. So excited. So scared.

We’re starting with hot rollers, because this is basically what I do to my hair every morning, and it seemed really ambitious to try new things, like, ever. So! Let’s begin.

Step 1 : You should wake up. What does your morning hair looks like? Let’s share. Mine looks like I am trying out for lead in a 1980’s hair metal tribute band. So this:

morning hair

If you are really tired and wish to stop here, you can just give up and put it in a ponytail.


Step 2:

Brush out your hair. Make sure your hair is dry. It really needs to be dry. If it is not dry, dry it. Now, start laying out your utensils. This is what you’re going to need:

hot rollers

1) Actual hot rollers. I use Remington hot rollers which are a available in most drugstores. They contain 5 big rollers, and 5 smaller ones. It’s a pretty basic set, but you don’t really need anything all that fancy. If you don’t like going to drugstores – and who does? – you can buy them for $15.65, here. 

2) Clips. Hot roller sets generally come with these awful little pink and white clips which pop out all the time. Basically, you will roll up your hair, and these will pop out. You’re going to want to buy some butterfly clips, especially for bigger pieces of hair, if you plan on moving and walking around during the time your hair is in rollers (which is the major benefit rollers have over just curling your hair with an iron). You can buy 12 butterfly clips here for $5.49. 

3) A hairbrush. One with bristles. Here’s one for $6

4) Hairspray. Some people say you should spray your hair down with hairspray after using rollers, but I like to spray it down beforehand. It means you get the hold, but it doesn’t look hard. Hold the hairspray at least 6 inches away from your head when you’re spraying. I use this Soy Touchable Hairspray, because Soy Touchables sent it to us. It works well! I think any other kind of hairspray would work as well, but here is a link to where you can buy Soy Touchables Sexy Hair Concepts Hairspray, the finest hairspray in all the land.

Step 3:

Now you are ready to begin the rolling process. Plug in the rollers. Let them heat up for around 3 minutes. Do other stuff. Drink coffee. Put on shoes. After three minutes, the rollers should feel hot to the touch (many brands will also change color to indicate they’re ready). Grab one of the rollers and begin rolling upwards from the lowest part of your hair. Kind of like this:

hot rollers hair how toStep 4: 

Roll in all the rollers. Bear in mind that smaller rollers will create tighter curls than larger ones. I like to use smaller ones towards the front, and on the lower layers for some extra bounce, but it’s really up to you. Experiment a bit to see which looks look best for your face. There are also a lot of instructional guides on exactly how to insert hot rollers – frankly I just roll them all up towards the crown of my head. I should probably plan it better, but I don’t, and it generally still comes out looking polished. This is what they look like on my head:

hot rollers how toStep 5:

Once you’ve clipped in all the rollers, wait 5-10 minutes. Or 20 minutes, if you like really tight curls! No, really, 5-10 minutes is plenty, generally speaking. This is also a good time to smear some lipstick on your face, if you’re into that kind of thing.

Step 6:

Remove the clip and pull out the rollers. You don’t need to remove them really, really carefully, but I guess do not yank them in some comical way. You’re going to get some pretty tight curls. They’ll look something like this:

curls hot rollersStep 7:

Okay, I find the whole curly thing too curly for me, personally. Pick up that brush with the bristles again. Brush it. Probably three or four times on each side. Ultimately, it should end up looking like this:

Step 8:

Now we are twins. Cool. Let’s buy identical outfits and go everyplace together.