Mermaids are lucky because they always have beach hair.

Mermaids are lucky because they always have beach hair.

As a curly haired girl who, for the first time in almost a decade, is trying to finally grow out my pixie cut, I’ve realized the best way to keep my incoming curls looking absolutely phenomenal is ocean water. It’s amazing what a day at the beach swimming and lounging in the sun will with do for your hair. It’s that sand and salt! It sticks to your hair and gives it this amazing texture that makes your hair look remarkable.
But as the summer comes to end, beach hair is difficult to keep. Unless you’re the type who continues to swim in the ocean all year round because you’re some sort of badass Viking, the rest of us have to sulk and cry as we miss both the summer weather and the wonderful gift of beach hair.

Because I know, for a terrifying fact, that the next few months are going to be hell in the growing out process, I have decided I’m going to cling to my beach all year round. If I have this wild naturally curly Carrie Bradshaw type hair, I might as well try to make it look good.

While you could purchase products that “guarantee” beach hair, it’s far more fun to make it yourself! DIY forever!

1. Get your hands on an empty spray bottle. Hit up your pharmacy and score yourself an empty spray bottle. It doesn’t have to be big; somewhere in the vicinity of an 8oz bottle will do. It will last you a fairly long time.

2. Decide on a salt. Personally, I’m one for Himalayan sea salt, because I think it’s pretty. Although, since it’s going in the bottle you won’t see it, so any type of sea salt will do.

3. Choose an oil. All that salt is very drying, so it’s important to add a moisturizing component. Moroccan oil, or even olive oil is just the ticket.

4. Do you want a scent? Beach hair smells like the salty beach. If you’re cool with that, then you can ignore this step. Personally, I like the smell of tea rose oil. Just the tiniest drop in the bottle and ooh la la!

5. Filler ‘er up. Fill your spray bottle with water, a few teaspoons of your chosen sea salt, about two drops of your oil (you don’t want to weigh your hair down with too much), then your “tiniest” drop of whatever scented oil you have decided will be happiest on your head and in your nose. Shake well, then spritz away. Scrunching your damp hair will help to produce deeper waves.

Things to keep in mind: The more salt you use, the more textured your hair will be. So, if your concoction hasn’t produced the results you wanted, then add some more salt. As mentioned, although the oil part is important, too much will weigh down your hair. It’s best to start with those two drops, then add more if you think your hair can handle it.

And voila! You have your own homemade beach hair spritz that’s far cheaper than the store bought kind, and your hair will look slammin’ all year long.

Photo: Disney