You want to know what sucks? Puking. Seriously, the word itself is vile. There’s nothing even remotely attractive about getting sick to your stomach. And normally, you stay pretty unappealing for roughly three days afterwards, though I guess it depends on just how sick you were.

Now this weekend, I attended a bachelorette party. Obviously, I got food poisoning while I was out, because I couldn’t have been the puking drunk girl at the party. Duh. That’s just not who I am. Yes, it was definitely a 24 hour bug. Don’t worry, my husband isn’t buying this story either, but it’s the one I’m sticking with.

The next day, I was somehow still expected to act like a functioning human being. Welcome to adulthood! I’ve never missed my college dorm room so much in my life. Suddenly, I realize that my body reacts to dehydration (from the flu) and an upset stomach (also from the flu) much differently than it did even five years ago.

So, in response to my body new touchiness when it comes to recuperating from a hangover serious illness, I’ve developed a couple tips. Here’s what I learned about getting through the day, and maybe even managing to look decent, when you’re a little under the weather. Or ya know… whatever.