audrey hepburn

Have you seen this picture of Audrey Hepburn, slightly older? It’s on The Huffington Post submitted by Reddit User Heightest, who wanted people to see that… well that Audrey Hepburn had not died in her 20’s, as one commenter assumed.

She did not die in her 20’s. Though in a piece of trivia you may not have known, another commenter mentions:

Same, also with Shirley Temple, who I was surprised to learn is not only still alive but was the US ambassador to Ghana and Czechoslovakia.


I know that as we are looking at this amazing picture we are all probably thinking the same thing and that thing is “Fuck Audrey Hepburn. I look squinty and crazy in every single photo.” Fortunately, I’ve got some theories on how to look great in photos, based on the way Audrey Hepburn poses for them, whether she is young or old.

1) She sticks out her chin just a little bit. See that? See how she is sticking out her chin just a little bit? That is apparently what you are supposed to do if you want to photograph so that your chin looks defined instead of if it just sinking slowly into your body.

2) She never quite faces the camera head-on. See how she tilts her head just the littlest bit to the side? You can see how the shadows fall across the left side a little bit more.

3) She never tries too hard to grin. You very rarely see Audrey Hepburn flashing teeth in her photos. That means her face ends up looking natural in pretty much everything.

4) Subtle overhead angles. I secretly believe this is the trick to looking good in all photos. So, do all of the former, and then tell the photographer you need him to get you from slightly above.