forehead tutorial

As silly as they may sound, we all have little things about our faces and bodies that we wish we could spruce up. For instance, I’m not crazy about my hairline. I love myself, but there are still days when I daydream about changing my forehead just a liiiiiitle bit. And, lucky for me, YouTube makes it possible to do that!

There’s a beauty tutorial for just about everything, and if you’re looking to make your forehead appear smaller, the wonderful world of the internet is dying to help you. Here are a few tutorials to help you subtract one from your fivehead.

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1. Shrink Your Forehead in Seconds by Makeup Miracles Online.

If contouring seems like a giant mountain you’re still trying desperately to climb, this tutorial is a good place to start. It seems complicated, but seeing it broken down and focused on one little area makes a lot more sense. Shrink your forehead and learn some new skillz at the same time!

2. Get a Tiny Forehead Tutorial by Christina J Duggan.

If you hate your hairline, this tutorial has the solution. This is like watching someone do her eyebrows, but she’s doing it to her HEAD. Who knew that was an option? And that it could look good? The more you knooooow.

3. How to Make a Big Forehead Look Smaller by Butterfly1619.

This tutorial will also be helpful for people who have issues with their hairline as well as their forehead… like, um, me. I never thought about using eyeshadow on my hairline, but my worldview may have just shifted.

4. How To Minimize The Look Of A Big Forehead Tutorial by Brittany Gray.

You have to give people props when they act like making youtube tutorials is the most exciting thing in the world. I love the advice in this video, but more importantly, I love their enthusiasm. Let’s make our foreheads look smaller AND LET’S LOVE EVERY SECOND OF IT!

5. How to Make a Big Forehead Look Smaller.

I love when a video like this has really good before and after photos, and this short, simple tutorial shows you the possible results right in the thumbnail. We have proof that it works!

6. How To Conceal Your Fivehead by Alisha’s Guide.

This video isn’t so much a tutorial as it is just a bunch of cute ideas for making your “fivehead” less noticeable. Grab your floppy hat and go live your life, my big foreheaded friends!

7. Bagelhead Makeup Tutorial by glowpinkstah.

You need to drop whatever you’re doing and watch this video. Not only does Gloria give us great advice for concealing our unsightly foreheads, but we get to fantasize about bagels, too. This video is completely tame, but it’s still kind of NSFW… because you’re going to be cackling loudly the whole time. I couldn’t make a post about foreheads and not include it. You’re welcome.