If you’re not matching your eye make-up to your eyewear, then you’re doing everything wrong. And if you don’t have a pair of glasses, “the accessory of the moment: part fashion statement, part beauty angle,” then you should pick up a pair. Now. If you feel silly wearing a pair of non-prescription glasses, then that’s you’re own damn fault, because the time has come to get on the eyeglass bandwagon. Eyeglasses are no longer just for hipsters and us practically blind folk, they’re for everyone. Eyeglasses for all!

As one who kicked my contacts a long time ago in exchange for glasses, I was excited to see that I’m finally in fashion. Over the years I’ve had a wide array of glasses that have ranged from burgundy, mildly bedazzled Prada frames, to tortoise shell Chanel frames and even a quick stint with some bright red, cat-eye Donna Karan frames. Although thanks to falling on my face in the dog park while trying to get my wild beast back on his leash, those broke after only having them for two weeks. It was probably for the best, I was going to get sick of those really fast. I currently rock a simple black Ray-Ban frame, and I wear them everyday and sometimes to sleep, too, if I fear I’ll have to see long distances in my dreams.

Because I do wear glasses, I’ve never really considered eye make-up. I wear mascara most days and have flirted with the smokey eye look just so my friends could ask me who gave me the black eye, but that’s the extent of it.

But now that eyeglasses are all the rage, says Vogue (and Vogue knows best), make-up artists are gearing shades and even lines to match the color of your frames. Bobbi Brown, who has worn glasses for fifteen years, has created a limited edition Tortoise Shell collection of “muted autumnal shades,” specifically for us lady folk who do wear glasses all the time. Of course this particular line of make-up isn’t going to do my black frames and I any good, but there is at least hope for those of you who wear tortoise shell glasses.

Brown also has two major tips for those of you who are going to try to match all this up perfectly with your glasses:

“Either play up your eyes, or don’t wear any makeup and just put on a lipstick.”

“Fill in your brows! Women forget they’re still on show!”

Let’s see how some of these lovely ladies have been made up to match their eyewear.