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Thanksgiving may be a holiday but that doesn’t mean that it is always relaxing. It is a roller coaster of emotions, too much turkey, confusion about how to work your diet into the dinner, and getting up at the crack of dawn to hit the Black Friday sales. You have to deal with busy commutes to get to your dinner, annoying questions from your family and the inevitable travel delays on the way home. Arrrrgh. Sometimes it can seem like you need another holiday to recover from the Thanksgiving weekend. Alas, most of us don’t have that option. However, there are ways you can de-stress and put the weekend behind you before you head back to work.

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Here are ways you can recover after the crazy Thanksgiving weekend:

1. Spend the rest of the weekend in bed.

You’re not going to argue about this one, are you? If you’re exhausted (emotionally or physically) hit the hay early. There’s nothing like sleep to rejuvenate you. If you are feeling lazy but not tired, spend the day in bed doing nothing, or combine it with something else on the list. See below:

2. Immerse yourself in a good book.

If you were one of the lucky ones who didn’t experience any travel delays, you can finishing reading the book you bought for your commute. If you didn’t buy one, you can download or pick up one of these great reads on the way home. A good book will make you forget all about any Thanksgiving drama.

3. Take a nice long bath.

There is nothing like a soak in the tub to make you forget all about your problems. To make your bath even more enjoyable, try adding some soothing bath crystal or bubbles. Stress Relief Sandalwood Rose Body Wash and Foam Bath ($13, Bath and Body Works) is formulated with a blend of essential oils and natural ingredients to benefit the body, mind and mood.

4. Enjoy a long Pinterest scroll.

If you usually reserve your Pinterest scroll for your lunch break, you are usually doing it in a hurry while shoveling forkfuls of salad into your mouth. There’s no time limit now so lose yourself in new hair color ideas and decorating tips. When you’re looking at sunset hair ideas, all those nagging Thanksgiving questions will be a thing of the past.

5. Have a mini pampering session at home.

You probably did some pre-Thanksgiving pampering, but there’s is no limit on at-home spa days. And this time it is all about you, as opposed to getting ready for dinner. Try that new sheet mask that you have in your bathroom cupboard that you have been meaning to use or whip up a DIY hair mask.

5. Practice some gratitude techniques.

If you are still fuming about that incident from your Thanksgiving dinner, readjust your thoughts by practicing some easy gratitude techniques. Once you get into them, you will see that things aren’t so bad.

7. Have a mini Netflix or box set marathon.

Binge-witching your favorite TV show can make you forget about any problems. If you’re all caught up on your shows, don’t worry. It’s almost December which means you have permission to start watching all of your favorite holiday movies.

8. Organize your place.

Hear me out on this one. You may not want to tackle something big like cleaning out your closet, but straightening up your place will make you feel good. You’ll have a sense of accomplishment and realize that the weekend wasn’t a total right off.