rosie huntington whiteley Met Gala

In an extremely uncharacteristic moment, I am going to teach you how to replicate Rosie Huntington-Whiteley’s manicure from the 2013 Met Gala.

Look, I almost never care about “how to get a certain celebrity’s nail look” e-mails from publicists. First of all I think “how to get someone’s nails” is a slightly misleading title, because how you would “get their nails” would entail you being a crazed madman who went about ripping off people’s nails.

Other than that – I think most nail looks are essentially the same. Someone had purple nails? Who cares? I also think that if the manicures are interesting you can almost never recreate them at home, so they are the kind of e-mails I delete without barely even looking at them. Except for this one. Because seriously, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley’s nails looked awesome. Here they are: 

rosie hungton whiteley nails


Aren’t they kind of great? I’ve been really wanting something to act as an updated, cooler French manicure and this seems like what I’ve been looking for. The way to get it is, according to the people of MARS the Salon: 

1. File your nails into desire shape.
2. Apply Base coat, and then apply  2 coat of purple polish on your entire nails.
3. With a precision brush, swipe the gold glitter polish from the middle of the nail to the edge.
4. Apply top coat.

That seems almost TOO simple. I imagine you have to swipe the gold glitter over and over until it takes on that noticeable shine, but if the big trick is “swipe from the middle of the nail” that strikes me as pretty doable. I actually think I could pull off this look, and am going to try it.

That said, if you want Rosie Huntington Whiteley’s actual nails, you do still have to become some kind of horror movie villain.

Picture via Getty