Flawless eyeliner is something that almost everybody wants, but not everyone can achieve. It takes time, patience and a steady hand to achieve two symmetrical felines flicks which is why many of us scour Pinterest for hacks that will make applying eyeliner easier. Well, it turns out the secret to a perfect eyeliner look is probably in your hair accessories drawer. A recent viral video shows that a bobby pin is actually the tool that will help make your eyeliner application easier. Who knew?

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We’ve heard of people using tape and dental floss to get flawless flicks, but a bobby pin? That’s a new one. The video was shared by Bianca Alcazar from the @beautybybda Instagram account. In the video tutorial, she uses a single bobby pin along with some black eyeliner (Wet N Wild, if you’re curious) to create an on point liner look by making use of the bobby pin’s V-shaped ends.

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Bianca suggests that you remove the little plastic tips on the ends of the bobby pin to help you get a crisp line since you’re using the V-shaped points of the bobby pin to create your perfect flick. Just be aware that those edges can be sharp with and without the plastic heads. So, be careful. You don’t want to poke yourself in the eye or cut your face in the quest for flawless eyeliner.