Racked is recommending a set of hot rollers today, which is fantastic – if you know how to use hot rollers. I’m a pretty big fan of using them to get some extra volume and pretty, 1940’s style waves in your hair before big events. Here’s a guide that might prove helpful:

1) Plug in the hot rollers, and wait for them to heat. All hot rollers are heated from a base. With most sets, the color of the rollers will change to indicate when they’re ready – say, from pink to white.

2) Spritz your hair down with hairspray. Not that much hairspray! A little hairspray. A fine mist. Depending on the texture of your hair (if it’s really curly), you might want to wash and blow dry it first, then apply hairspray.

3) Divide the hair into three sections, one section to the left, one to the right, one to the middle.

4) Take a small amount of hair – around one inch across – from the middle section, and wrap it around the hot roller. Begin at the base of the neck and curl upwards toward the scalp.

5) Once you’ve reached the top of the head, clip the roller in place. Most sets come with clips, but they are awful, and fall out. If you want, you can invest in butterfly clips (it’s about a six dollar “investment”) which will hold the roller securely in place.

6) Gather another amount of hair from the middle section and repeat. Once they have been rolled, begin work on the left or right section, repeat the same process.

7) Once all the rollers have been clipped up, you’re free to walk around, apply your make-up, do a little dance, whatever. This is why they’re better than a curling iron! Wait for 20 minutes.

8) Once the rollers have cooled, unroll them gently from the hair – don’t just try to pull them out. Or, at least, everyone says “don’t just pull them out” – I do, all the time, and I’ve never seen it make much difference. Afterwards brush the curls out, or separate with your fingers depending upon the kind of curl you want.

9) Let everyone admire your hair. Tell them you have skills. Super-skills.