“No Poo” may sound like a medication on par with Pepto Bismol, but it’s actually a new movement that has nothing to do with bowels. More and more beauty bloggers are wielding boxes of baking soda and spreading the gospel of a life without shampoo.

Blogger Genevieve of Uniquely Normal Mom explains the big idea behind No Poo:

Your hair produces oil naturally, and shampoo strips your hair of these oils. No big deal, except the oil on your scalp is a supply and demand thing. When you wash your hair, you remove the oils, and therefore your body begins to compensate by producing oils again.

Genevieve, who gave the movement its admittedly gross name, maintains that baking soda and apple cider vinegar are all you need to keep your tresses fresh. She writes, “Your hair detoxes from the abuse of shampoo and conditioner, then learns to function mostly on its own.”

The No Poo phenomenon is spreading through the YouTube beauty community like no one’s business, and if you can keep an open mind long enough to watch a few videos, it might start to sound less than crazy. Vlogger Margaret Kammer discusses her positive experience with No Poo in a recent video: “I’ve saved so much money, and I just feel better about the way that I care for myself. I really like not depending on something that, it turns out, I didn’t even need in the first place.”

But not everyone who’s tried the method is an advocate. In her video “No Poo Method is No Good,” vlogger Melissa Maker says of her experience, “I’ll be honest, guys—my hair didn’t look good, it didn’t feel good, it didn’t particularly smell good. And I thought, how much is too much? How much time do I have to invest?”

Looks like No Poo either works for you or it doesn’t. Would you be willing to ditch your shampoo and try it?