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(Photo: Instagram/warbyparker)

The magnifying power of your lovely frames does much more than help you read fine print. They can also highlight fine lines, under-eye bags, and sparse lashes. Despite thinking less is more (I often skip makeup when I wear mine!) carefully placed eye makeup can actually enhance your peepers. Check-out our edit of frame-friendly face tips to complement your cool Warby Parker specs. Get ready to embrace #geekchic in a major way!

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Liner is Key
“Black eyeliner (like Votre Vu Le Joli Crayon in Charbon) is a staple for any woman’s [makeup] wardrobe,” shares celebrity makeup artist Jeffrey Paul. “If you wear it, make sure it’s blended properly to look harmonious for your eye shape.”


Don’t Skip Concealer
As tempting as it may be to throw on your glasses and go, don’t! “Use a color corrective concealer—not a lighter one, which will only further magnify bags,” advises makeup artist Suzy Gerstein. “I love the one Charlotte Tilbury makes, it’s light and won’t cake, but still has the right salmon/ peachy tone to correct dark circles without settling into fine lines. Apply only to the areas that are shadowed and set with a subtle brightening powder like Laura Mercier Secret Brightening Powder.”


Open Up Your Eyes
“Creating a cat eye look can help make the eyes appear larger and more defined behind your lenses,” shares BECCA Cosmetics Style Director, Kerry Cole. “Use the top corner of your frames as a guide and extend your liner up. Next, give your lashes a light curl before putting on mascara.  “A little tip— zap your lash curler with a light heat from your hairdryer before curling, this will keep your lashes curled all day,” says Cole.


Opt for Volumizing Mascara
If you have to chose between lengthening and volumizing, pick the former. “You don’t want spidery lashes that touch your lenses,” explains Gerstein. “Thickening at the root will provide excellent contrast with the irises and whites of your eyes without  knocking into your glasses.”


Brush Up Your Brows
“Full defined brows will enhance your eye and complete your look,” elaborates Cole. “Try using brow mousse such as BECCA’s Shadow and Light Brow Contour Mousse, one side will fill the brows with color and the other will highlight and define your arches.”


Complement Not Compete
“Glasses are now considered an ‘it’-accessory that people use to enhance their eyes, face and overall look,” shares Paul. “I’ve seen a lot of people choose glasses that are beyond their comfort zone in order to make a  bold  style statement. However, think of your eyeglasses in your make up like music—they always have to be in harmony.”