So, New Year’s Eve, right? Such interesting uses of make-up! Some of it sparkling! So much glitter, like random girls had just been punched in the eye by Rainbow Brite! Wow, those girls looked like ladies of the evening. Aren’t you glad you stayed home like a hermit that night?

But, rumor has it, it IS possible to apply glitter eyeshadow and make it look good. Tasteful, even. We checked in with Dior Beauty celebrity makeup artist, Ricky Wilson who shared the following tips:

There are a few things I do to incorporate the use of glitter into my makeup applications and still have it look chic.

I normally use glittery products in moderation and I almost always mix them with other textures to keep a delicate balance avoid the “disco ball” eye look.

When wearing glittery shadows you must also remember what you are using on the rest of your face. You may want to opt out of the shimmer blush or the glittery lip gloss you normally use.

The size of the glitter particles and the quality is also very important. For instance, if you use something too heavy or ” chunky glitters ” there is a large chance that all those glitters will end up on your cheeks before the night is over. #makeupfail

I like to apply my glitters along the ball of the eye which adds a pop and gives a subtle eye popping effect.

Another way to wear glitter around the eye is to use a metallic glitter eyeliner. Liquid or pencil works nicely depending on the look you are after.

I would like to include a tip for removing glitter without disrupting makeup – use a small piece of scotch tape works fine or a clean eyebrow brush.
Here are some of my fave glitter products:

Dior Designer Eyeshadow Palettes – I love the SMOKY DESIGN and the NUDE

Dior Single Shadows have a lot of fun glitter in them

Makeup Forever loose glitters – I have the silver and white.