We love glitter all the time, but glitter lends itself well to the holidays, especially New Year’s Eve. You might have a sequin dress and be working on narrowing down your sparkly manicure options, but what about your makeup? You might be considering sparkly eye makeup, but why not add the sparkle to a more unexpected place, like your lips? Glitter lips were a huge trend this year, making it the perfect thing to say goodbye to 2017. Yes, you can still wear sparkly eyeshadow with your glitter lips.

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Get inspired with these 12 ways to rock glitter lips on New Year’s Eve:

1. Red Glitter Lips and Bold Brows



2. Red Glitter Lips and Flirty Lashes

This is a modern update on a classic makeup look. Love.


3. Neutral Eyes and Chunky Glitter Lips

If you’re going to use glitter, you might as well use the boldest stuff you have.


4. Soft Pink Glitter Lips

Suddenly a go-to lip color isn’t so ordinary with a healthy dose of glitter on top.


5. Silver Glitter Lipstick and Mauve Eyes

For everyone who wants to be a unicorn.


6. Burgundy Glitter Lips



7. Teal Lips and Grey Eyeshadow

It’s New Year’s Eve. What other occasion is more perfect for glittery mint lipstick?


8. Bronze Glitter Eyeliner and Lips

No glitter lipstick? Deck out your lips with actual chunks of glitter.


9. Purple Glitter Lips and Black Mascara

Ensure your lips are the focus by keeping the rest of your face natural.


10. Red Lips and Flicked Eyeliner

Play up the glitter lips with a touch of sparkle on the inner corners of the eyes.


11. Pink Glitter Lips and Groomed Brows

At first glance, you think it’s as soft makeup look. Then you see the glitter finish.


12. Black Glitter Lips and Silver Eyes

Because you can never have too much glitter…