Red eye makeup has a bit of a reputation for being one of the trickiest colors to pull off. People stay away from it for fear that it will make them look like they haven’t slept in three days. While some red eye makeup looks are trickier to pull off than others, you don’t want to ignore the look entirely. From muted red-browns to sultry burgundies, you have many different options. Plus, a red eye makeup look is a more unique Valentine’s Day idea than your-tried-and-true red lip.

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Take a look at the different ways you can wear red eye makeup:

1. Winged Red Eyeshadow

When it doubt, wing it out. A black cat eye is a nice complement to red eyeshadow. Tie everything together with a reddish brown lipstick.

2. Burgundy Shadow and a Neutral Lip

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Bring out the brown tones in a burgundy shadow with a neutral lip color. Think of it as the updated version to your go-neutral eye makeup look.

3. Red and Gold Eye Makeup

Red and gold is a luxurious color combination. Translate the color combo to your eyes with a sheer red eye shadow and gold eyeliner on your lower lash line.

4. Soft Red Eyeshadow and Bold Lips

Your eye doesn’t necessarily have to be the focus. Stick with your favorite glossy red lipstick then choose a reddish brown eyeshadow to bring out the warm tones.

5. Red Eyeshadow and Black Mascara

Red eyeshadow works with or without mascara. If you’re partial to black lashes, you’ll like this look.

6. Red Shadow and Frosted Lipstick

Add another element to a red and black eye by pairing it with a frosted lipstick. Choose one with a red tone to keep things cohesive.

7. Muted Red Eyeshadow and Matte Lip

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Can you see the red shadow? It’s so subtle that it could almost pass for pink. If you’re hesitant about fire engine red eye makeup, this is a brilliant place to start.

8. Bold Red Eyeshadow and Neutral Lip

Don’t be afraid to go for a bold red eyeshadow. A nude lipstick tones down a bright eye.

9. Red and Black Eyeshadow

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If you’re concerned about your red eyeshadow being too strong, add in another color. Your trusty black shadow can help tame the boldest of reds.