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Summertime isn’t the only time living is easy—or when wearing waterproof makeup is ideal.  Whether you are at work or the gym, a makeup meltdown of any kind is never en vogue. But heavy-duty makeup requires a bit of background knowledge we aren’t all equipped with! We chatted up a few experts to help you navigate through the (sometimes) tricky world of cosmetics. Read on to learn more.

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Everything But Water
Think beyond the pool—waterproof makeup is ideal for any skin type, especially oily ones.  “No matter what skin type you have, everyone can benefit from [using waterproof makeup],” shares Jessica Scantlin, Director of Artistry at Blushington. “As long as you are not wiping, tugging or smearing your makeup with your hands or a towel then the waterproof makeup should and will last.”

Read the Ingredients
Have sensitive peepers? Make sure to do a careful scan of what’s included in your products. “Silicone hasn’t been proven to clog pores,” explains Fabiola, a make-up artist at Tracey Mattingly.  “Silicone is a large molecule which won’t penetrate or clog a human pore, therefore sits on top of the skin preventing moisture loss keeping the skin dewy and glowing.” However, she also reminds us there are exceptions to the rule. If you have certain allergies, you might react to waterproof formulas differently than the average non-waterproof versions.

Waterproof Vs. Water-Resistant
While similar in theory, both versions slightly differ. “Waterproof is a much tougher resistance level than water-resistant makeup,” explains Scantlin. “With waterproof  versions, you can be submerged in a pool or ocean, and you still have on makeup after swimming all day. Whereas water-resistant is designed more for day-to-day sweating and ‘light’ baby tears.” Bottom line: “If you are a big crier at weddings, then waterproof is your best bet.”

Switch it Up
It might be habit forming, but wearing heavy-duty makeup isn’t a daily necessity. “I don’t think anyone needs to wear waterproof makeup everyday unless you’re going to be in the water or humid weather,” shares Fabiola. “[I would only recommend wearing waterproof mascara (like MAKE UP FOR EVER’s Aqua Smoky Extravagant) if you have oily eyelids and/or oily skin. “

Into The Mist
Need to buy some extra hours? “Makeup setting spray can add an extra 4-6 hours on your makeup application,” explains Scantlin. “Most makeup sprays have polymers in it which helps the product increase resistance.”

Take It Off with Care
Don’t get us wrong, we love long-lasting makeup but we also wonder: how the heck for I get this stuff off? Solution: oil-based remover.  “Take a cotton pad and make sure it’s thoroughly moist [with remover],” shares Fabiola. “After you soak your lashes, then repeat the process on your face.”  The key trick? Doing this twice to remove all traces of makeup.

Scantlin chimes in, “Whatever you do be gentle—don’t rub and tug as that will pull your skin! I like to run muslin cloth under hot water and press against my face for 30 seconds [after using a dollop of Eve Lom cleanser]. This allows the makeup to melt off without the struggle.”

Prep like a Pro
It’s okay if you aren’t 100% sold on waterproof formulas—you can up the ante on your favorite personal products. The best way to give your makeup more longevity is to first use oil-absorbing sheets to pick up excess off your eyelids and face first,” advises Fabiola. “Refresh your foundation by spritzing a beauty blender with a hydrating toner and retouching the foundation so it looks freshly applied.” Finally, lightly re-apply shadow, mascara and blush, and voila, you’ll look revived.