smashbox  brush set

Kit includes: Powder Brush #1, Foundation Brush #13, Complexion Corrector Brush #25, Shadow Brush #26, Micro Definer Brush #27, Precision Liner Brush #28.

To tell you the truth, Smashbox just has to be one of my favorite brush brands. I love the quality, the make ( the hair quality is just right for every purpose ), and of course, their colors. Even with their basic brushes, I already go gaga because red happens to be one of my favorite colors,too.

One day, while shopping at the local Beauty Bar, my heart stopped when I saw the limited edition Decadence Vanity Brush Collection. It had an ultra glamorous fur case, as well as really cool-looking metallic colored brush handles. Well, my heart stopped not once that day, but TWICE. It is because I saw the other, ultra-glamorous makeup brush set from Smashbox – The Encounter Brush Kit.

Just look at the clear brush handles and white brush hair. It is so Trish McEvoy ( with clear handles and white bristles ) sans the shape. Not even questioning the quality, I am just at awe at how beautiful these are, and how it fits my vanity table. It also has a case portable looking enough to bring everywhere.

The question is – would I be able to use them, or rather stare at them for all their beauty?

It would be heartbreaking to see the brushes pick up products and get “colored” that I might be coerced to wash them upon every use. Haha!

Well, for those neat freaks, who can handle the color white, this is such a dream set for you. Go get em girls!