blondie bennet the human barbie

You’ve had a long week. You’ve gotten out of bed, you’ve showered, you’ve taken care of business like the badass bitch that you are. You deserve a weekend pick-me-up, and if you want to watch this video of a Human Barbie who’s getting hypnotized to be stupider, I’m not going to judge you. I won’t even tell anyone. This is just between us.

First of all, keep in mind that this isn’t the OG Human Barbie who posts creepy videos of herself looking ethereal and confused, and this isn’t Human Jessica Rabbit, and this isn’t the Human Barbie with LLL cup breasts. This is an entirely different woman who’s independently come to the conclusion that she wants to devote her life to looking like a doll. Her name is Blondie Bennett, and she was recently interviewed by a distressed-looking Laura Ling. “Blondie believes she can achieve true happiness by training her mind through hypnosis,” Ling says, with palpable pain in her voice, “to be vacant like a plastic toy.”

laura ling and blondie bennet

Blondie goes on to explain that she does Skype sessions with a hypnotist who’s out of the country, who’s teaching her to be “expressionless, emotionless, just vacant.” We get to watch her stick her arms in the air and go through some kind of guided imagery about… petting elephants? Or something. Meanwhile, Laura stays in focus in the back of the shot, doing an Oscar-worthy job of not showing any judgement on her face.

I’m impressed with Blondie for committing to this act hard enough to get people’s attention, I’m impressed with Laura for being kind and respectful about it, and I’m impressed with the internet for being so full of strange nonsense that this isn’t even shocking to me. You can watch the video here.

Via Gawker / Photos: Society X on E!