Valeria Lukyanova, the world-famous Internet attraction known as the “Human Barbie,” has revealed the diet she has been following in an attempt to reach the proportions of a Barbie doll, and it sounds terrible.

According to the Daily Mail, Lukyanova has converted to “Breatharianism,” a truly bizarre diet/cult whose followers believe the human body can live off of light and air.

Lukyanova, who has over 994,000 Facebook fans, has made a career out of using plastic surgery, makeup, and Photoshop techniques to turn herself into a living Barbie doll. If we were to try to be human Barbies, we would probably do it by trying to get a whole lot of jobs, like being an architect-fashion-editor-doctor-violinist-veterinarian, but Lukyanova doesn’t want Barbie’s resume, just her impossible physical proportions. To help achieve that goal, she has been training herself to require smaller and smaller amounts of food, with the goal of giving up sustenance entirely.

“In recent weeks I have not been hungry at all,” she said. “I’m hoping it’s the final stage before I can subsist on air and light alone.”

Breatharians believe that people can take nutrition from light like plants, except that plants also need water, and some Breatharians apparently believe humans do not even need that much. Maybe those Breatharians think plants are just unmotivated slackers who could totally give up water and nutrient-rich soil if they were just a bit more dedicated. Stupid plants.

Lukyanova is not the first celebrity to have gotten involved with Breatharianism. Michelle Pfeiffer recently revealed that she was taken in by a pair of personal trainers running a non-eating cult when she was a young actress. Breatharianism has reportedly been linked to several deaths as adherents actually starved themselves to death. It is not recommended by doctors, as doctors have passed basic middle school biology and do not recommend relying on photosynthesis for nutrients.

“Plants have what are called choroplasts that contain chlorophyll and they have the ability to capture energy from sunlight,” said physician Dr. Robert Hoffman. “Humans don’t have cholorphyll or chloroplasts. No humans do. It is impossible for a human to have that. Therefore they have to derive energy from external sources, that can be either fat or protein or carbohydrates, but it can’t be sunlight.”

Photo via Facebook/ValeriaLukyanova