Where does a woman like Human Barbie come from? Model and plastic doll wannabe Valeria Lukyanova is famous for attempting to turn herself into the perfect Barbie doll through a strange combination of cosmetics, spiritual non-eating, and probably a fair bit of surgical enhancement. But it seems like at least a bit of her look is due to genetics, because she posted a video with her mother, Irina, and there’s definitely a family resemblance.

“In my family, good genes,” Lukyanova captioned the video, according to The Daily Mail. “Do not believe the rumors about plastic surgery. This allowed the gossip from the tabloids.”

The two definitely share the same enormous blue eyes and the same cheekbones. And while Irina is not wearing 100 pounds of hair extensions or frosted 90s club makeup, mother and daughter seem to share an affinity for heavy eyeliner and Y-necklaces.

Human Barbie’s career is not exactly normal, but her mother appears to be supportive in agreeing to appear in this five-minute video. It’s nice that her mom is in her corner, because Lukyanova doesn’t exactly seem to get along with everyone. New “extreme” Human Barbie Lacey Wildd has already appeared to challenge Lukyanova’s Human Barbie title with a set of breast implants that allegedly each weigh as much as a small child. Human Ken Justin Jedlicka is openly feuding with her, seemingly because he’s annoyed that people care more about a Human Barbie than a Human Ken. And, of course, she did not earn many fans earlier this year when she revealed herself to be a huge racist and said she thought interracial relationships were to blame for what she perceives as a lack of natural beauty these days.


(Photo: YouTube/Valeria Lukyanova)