jessica rabbit

Sometimes I wonder if the internet was invented solely to bring microfame to people who engage in extreme body modification. First there was Human Barbie, the woman who used a combination of makeup, plastic surgery, starvation, and delusion to craft herself into a living mannequin. Next, there was Human Ken, whose oddly chiseled cheekbones were almost as bad as his personality. Now, there’s Human Jessica Rabbit. Because of course there is.

Her name is Penny Brown, and according to the Daily Mail (one of my favorite phrases) she wears a corset for 23 hours a day, hoping to shrink her waist to half the size of her hips. Plastic surgery has given her O cup breasts, and a little bit of organ rearranging has given her a 23-inch waist. That takes a lot of dedication, to say the least. She tells the DM,

I’ve always had a small waist, big hips, and large boobs, but I’m kind of a ‘go hard or go home’ sort of person. I wanted to make that significantly more extreme, more dramatic, more stunning, and more wonderful.

penny brown

She accomplished that!

While it’s fun to gawk at people like this for the freak show effect (mostly because it seems like people who go this hard with their body mods are cool with getting attention for it), I think it’s also important to remember that Penny’s totally welcome to constrict her waist if that’s what she wants to do. It’s extreme, of course, but nothing’s stopping her from doing it. This isn’t exactly my style (just like I wouldn’t get cosmetic surgery to look like my favorite celebrity, I probably wouldn’t go on an all-liquid diet to look like a cartoon rabbit), but who cares? Do you, Penny. I hope you get the figure you’ve always wanted.

Via ONTD / Photos: Who Framed Roger Rabbit (1988), @penny_underbust