8 pounds enter. God knows how many pounds leave.

That was a Thunderdome joke! That’s because we couldn’t find an applicable tagline in “The Hunger Games.” Shucks. But we will be spending next week at TheGloss talking about issues women have with weight. You’ll be seeing essays about Helen Gurley’s Brown’s sentiment that women should have “a touch of anorexia”, Real Talks about how men feel about your weight, and essays about our own bizarre relationships with food.

And, of course, we want to hear from you.

Do you diet? Never diet? Eat only white/green/purple food? Struggled with a bizarre eating disorder? Want to become the world’s largest woman? Please. Tell us about it.

Tell us what you’re hungry for. In 600-800 words! Jennifer [at] thegloss.com or Ashley [at] thegloss.com.