Hunger Games Makeup by Covergirl

CoverGirl has long had its elegantly manicured fingers in America’s Next Top Model sponsorship, but the company wants to reach out to a younger audience. And what do the kids like these days? The kids like The Hunger Games. So the company is branching out into the world of feature film with a tie-in collection and official sponsorship deal with The Hunger Games: Catching Fire.

The Hunger Games sequel won’t even be out until November, but Covergirl announced yesterday that it had an exclusive marketing deal to be the “exclusive makeup partner” of the movie, which means the film’s makeup artists used CoverGirl products and the company will be rolling out a collection of Capitol-inspired Hunger Games makeup.

OK, the glamorous, couture-clad citizens of the Capitol are generally depicted as dissolute fans of bloodsport and gluttony, but apparently enough of the audience was thinking, “The Capitol people are terrible, but I do love their crazy makeup,” to make this a good deal for CoverGirl. And really, how could one not love Elizabeth Banks as Effie Trinket? She might be a big ball of moral ambiguity, but she knows how to stick with a look.

“The film-inspired CoverGirl campaign coming out this fall truly will bring beauty transformation to life in an aspirational, dramatic fashion,” said Global P&G Cosmetics vice president and general manager Esi Eggleston Bracey, whose name sounds awesomely like it was created by a Hunger Games name generator.

Covergirl has not yet let slip the specifics of the collection and what products and colors it will include, but a teaser on the brand’s Facebook page indicates that it will include at least one new mascara, and more details will come out next week.

Via The Examiner/Photo: Facebook/CoverGirl