I’d just like to take a second to point out how insanely jealous of Elizabeth Taylor and he mutant double row of eyelashes I am.  According to The Huffington Post:

The scene is straight out of the “X-Men” franchise. A beetle-browed physician calls a pair of young parents into his office and, in the gravest of cadences, informs them that their newly born daughter has — a mutation.

“Well, that sounded just awful,” the girl’s mother later recalls, “a mutation. But, when he explained that her eyes had double rows of eyelashes, I thought, well, now, that doesn’t sound so terrible at all.”

Up until now I’d just been hoping for six fingers because Gattaca led me to believe that it would make me super good at playing the piano. I now see there might be some downsides to that, so in my next life I’m pushing for a double rows of eyelashes.